High Definition Design

Whether you need a simple professional opinion or a full-time project manager for your residential or commercial project, Julia L. Diamond, Interior Design Group, is at your service. Julia is a licensed interior designer, with her firm being established in 2005. This unique service brings out the inner designer in all of us. Rather than transforming each job into her firm’s “signature look”, her philosophy is to evolve the client’s ideas and goals into vivid, beautiful, and functional realities. The idea is to create an ambiance and environment that directly reflects the client and their family (or business).

To design a space, Julia starts by actively listening to her clients, researching at length their wants and needs as well as honoring the space itself through its bonuses and limitations. She creates a detailed profile for each client outlining color, style, and material preferences to express the personality of each client. Sometimes Julia can just walk into a space and immediately “feel” what her design approach will be. Other times (especially in the instance of new construction), she needs to begin with a “fact finding mission”, and from that, the creative process will take place!